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Integration management

Integration management

Carefree turnkey integration

When you already have the physical resources in place but have to coordinate the multiple parties involved to get a project running, Inno4Life can manage the end-to-end process for you. Taking into account the depth of involvement you desire, we can act as your system integrator, ensuring that your objectives are met.

Our service includes the management of: scheduling, progress monitoring, technical and functional integration, acceptance testing of each supplier, installations on site, testing onsite, acceptance testing onsite, (IQ&OQ) Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification, etc.

We take care of the complete turnkey project from purchasing individual modules or equipment as part of a complete line or process up to the point of starting production at your own facility. As part of the assignment, our integration solutions can be incorporated in the project to create the end-to-end solutions. For example conveyor systems to link equipment A to B.

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