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Collaborative Robot Solutions

Collaborative Robot Solutions

Collaborative Robot Solutions

Robot technologies are being incorporated increasingly into (existing) pharmaceutical production lines. Inno4Life presents a range of collaborative robot solutions for assembly and inspection, particularly suited for small batches. The unique design of the robots we use enables collaboration with operators, rather than having a separate unit up- or downstream in the production line.

Our robot solutions are tailor made flexible and meet the specific requirements of each customer and have a compact footprint. Applications for our robot solutions include, but are not limited to, the following tasks:


·        Blister packing

·        Product handling, e.g. blisters, syringes, vials, stoppers, caps, etc.

·        Leaflet insertion

·        Information printing (e.g. serialization) on a carton, scanning and verification.

·        Product weighing

·        Loading and unloading production equipment

For more information about our innovative robot solutions, please contact the experts at Inno4Life.


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